Rally to Stop Anti-Asian Hate

[Official Press Release, March 26, 2021]

Led by the Asian American Alliance of Marin, a coalition of Asian American and faith-based organizations in North Bay gather together, at noon on March 26 at 4th and City Plaza, to grieve for the lives lost and souls damaged by Anti-Asian attacks.  We stand in solidarity against race-based hate crimes, and social norms and official policies that fail to humanize and recognize Asian Americans as equal members of the society.

The nation-wide rise of Anti-Asian violence since the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the death of six Asian women in the shootings in Atlanta on March 16, 2021, has shaken the Asian American community.  Asian Americans have long histories as integral residents and workers in the U. S. despite segregation and racism.  Deeply-rooted implicit biases about Asian Americans continue to inform how we are expected to perform and react to racist structures, policies, and interpersonal interactions.  This is why the Asian American community resonates so strongly with the invisibility and fear for safety within the larger Asian community across the nation.  

We seek protections for the Asian American community through institutional commitments from the federal and local governments to recognize current processes and established norms that perpetuate and condone racist dynamics and practices. Institutional commitment to staffing, funding, and providing resources for anti-racist education and training, trauma counseling, professional mediations for interracial conflicts are also sought.  We stand together with BIPOC in the community to demand change that addresses the real issues behind racist attacks. 

Anti-Asian violence must stop now! 

The rally was organized and sponsored by Asian American Alliance of Marin (AAAM), Women’s Rights and Peace of Bay Area (WRAPBA), Vietnamese Association of Marin, Multicultural Center of Marin, Marin Nakayoshi Club, Korean School of Marin County, Korean Presbyterian Church of San Rafael, St. Andrew’s Church of Marin City, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Filipino Community of Sonoma County, Filipino American Barangay of Sonoma County, Bay Area Rosary of Vallejo, Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Sonoma Chapter, Bangka Journey, St. Stephen’s Church, Belvedere, Marin Interfaith Council, and other supportive friends of AAPI.

For more resources to participate in the Stop Anti-Asian Hate movement, please see AAAM’s Resources page.

Live-streamed recording of the rally is accessible on AAAM’s Facebook page.

One thought on “Rally to Stop Anti-Asian Hate

  1. Thank you, we stand with you and offer our respect and love to AAPI members of our community. I am not on FB. If you can add me to your email list, I would like to be involved and supportive.


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