Asian American Alliance of Marin was founded in 1985 as a collaborative of Asian American residents in Marin County, CA , that responded to interracial conflicts and crises in the community. Through the past few decades, AAAM has continued to advocate for racial equity in Marin County. AAAM is currently a 501c non-profit organization.


The Asian American Alliance of Marin (AAAM) is a non-profit organization that is an association of diverse groups of Asian Americans.  Its mission is to educate all ethnicities in Marin County about Asian American cultural heritages and to promote Asian American participation in advocacy and civic engagement.  In addition, AAAM aims to create  opportunities for antiracist reflections, dialogues, actions, and cross-cultural understanding for our communities.   

AAAM Board Members

Emily S. Wu (President)

Vinh Luu (Vice President)

Jong Lee (Treasurer)

Sue Lim Yee (Secretary)

Jean Bee Chan

Ken Ross

Josie Palletier

Kathy Takemoto

Nhan Pham

Maureen “Mo” DeNieva-Marsh

Nancy Weber

Mark Noguchi

Jennifer Lee

Liz Chiang

Youth Fellows

Natalie Nong

Nora Bainbridge

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