Visit Angel Island with Us on April 1

Bring your own lunch and join us for a day of remembrance and reflection. Registration is required. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

What does the history of Angel Island mean to the AAPI community?

How might we understand Angel Island as a site for continuing reflections on AAPI identities and advocacy toward racial equity?

As a way to observe the Qingming festival, which is traditionally a time for Chinese ethnics globally to sweep the tombs of their ancestors, we will be taking a journey of remembrance to Angel Island. We will take the 10am ferry from Tiburon, spend the day at Angel Island, and return to Marin with the 3:30pm ferry. Besides a docent-guided tour of the historic Angel Island facility, we will also spend some time as a group to reflect and share our thoughts. Before the visit, we will share with all registrants a link to view Felicia Lowe’s film “Carved in Silence,” as well as additional references on the significance of ancestor veneration in AAPI communities and cultures.


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