About AAAM

Founded in 1991, Asian American Alliance of Marin (AAAM) is a network of Asian Pacific Americans, organizations, and interested individuals. Our mission is to promote justice, equality, tolerance, human rights, and understanding in our communities.

AAAM makes a difference in Marin! We:     

  • Promote Asian Pacific American participation in community, state, national, and international affairs.    
  • Maintain communication with community organizations and agencies, including:        
    • Marin law enforcement agencies        
    • Marin schools        
    • Marin and Bay Area advocacy groups    
  • Collaborate with Marin and Bay Area groups on educational projects and events    
  • Address current human and civil rights issues and incidents    
  • Serve as a resource to the greater Marin and Bay Area population    
  • Encourage and support participation in the broader community 

If you would like to join or support AAAM, please contact Jason at jasonlau.phd@gmail.com.